Though today’s artists have a world of technology at their fingertips, many still choose to work in a more traditional manner. These are not painters who create works using oil, acrylic or watercolor – they’re artists who take everyday objects like matches, buttons, and nails to make intricate artworks that deserve a closer look. Check out the full list here, brought to you by My Modern Met and smartwater.


German designer Meike Harde created Time Is Dancing, a beautiful clock that tells time through ballerina poses.


Growing City | Dubai
Ciudad de México SRE

Ciudad de México SRE


David Chipperfield - Museo Jumex, Mexico City 2014. Photos (C) Simon Menges. 


Bromo Milky Way


1979 Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series I


LEGO® PDM Rosan Bosch Rune Fjord

"Future LEGO® products are created in the development department LEGO® PMD. Now, the department’s designers have a work space where the physical setting supports the playful character of the work. "